Volume 1, No 1, March 2021

Editor’s Foreword

We are very pleased and proud of the first publication of Splash Magz, which is a realization of the ideas of fellow photographers and researchers around the world who try to present a simple scientific research concept magazine presentation that is beautifully decorated with illustrated photos in each article. Splash Magz was born to popularize scientific research but can be enjoyed by all people with popular languages but does not leave scientific studies. We chose simple methods and simple research related to issues and people’s daily lives.

This edition of Splash Magz has the theme “Mental Health and Human Capital for World Economic Recovery”. In this edition, we present 15 research articles conducted by fellow researchers in the fields of social sciences and health, especially mental health, to provide new hope for the world.

best regards

Editor In Chief

Dr Eny Lestari Widarni (Indonesia)

Table Of Content
Editor’s Foreword 
Table Of Content 
Home Affects Our Mental Health
Author : Alejandro Gonzalo (Spain)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Benefits of Spa Treatments For Mental And Body Health
Author : Nella Indah Karisma (Indonesia)
Status : (Locked)
Lack of Sleep Can Affect Mental Health
Author : Benjamin Drean (Franch), Suryaning Bawono (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Benefits of Cooking for Mental Health, Stay Away from Stress
Author: Monica Kochman (Slovenia), Adriana Assyami (Germany)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Benefits of Learning English for Hotel Employees in Indonesia
Author : Imro’atul Husna Afriani (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Challenges and Opportunities for Human Resource Management in Indonesian Dairy Farms
Author: Ely Estiningtyas (Indonesia), Abdul Malik (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Human Capital Investment and Retirement Investments in Indonesia
Author : Agus Widodo (Indonesia), Bambang Hadi Prabowo (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Human Capital, Economic Development, And Nepotism
Author : Anggi Pramujianingtyas (Indonesia), Diah Rusminingsih (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Human Resource Management Systems and The Internet Technology Revolution
Author : Akhmad Taufiq Juniarto (Indonesia), Sri Harnani (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Impact of Human Capital Acquisition on Aggregate Organizational Performance in Southeast Asia
Author : Desy Ariyanti (Indonesia), Cahya Budhi Irawan (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management in The Hotel Industry in Indonesia
Author : Diahna Lisah Dila (Indonesia),Eddy Priyanto (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Green Sustainable Human Resource Management
Author : Ellin Vikawati (Indonesia),Budi Sasongko (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Transmigration and Human Capital Development in Indonesia
Author : Abdillah Subangun (Indonesia), Eny Lestari Widarni (Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
Study of Inclusion of Digital Technology, Communication and Employment in Indonesia
Author: Seni Soniansih (Indonesia)
Status : (Locked)
Education and Economic Development in Indonesia Based on Human Capital Theoretical Perspective
Author :Diah Rusmingsih (Indonesia), Imro’atul Husna Afriani(Indonesia)
Status : (Open Access) (Download PDF)
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