About Us

SPLASH MAGZ is a monthly magazine about social science and lifestyle. SPLASH MAGZ published and distributed internationally in 78 countries on 4 continents (Asia, Europe, America, Africa) by PT. Frost Yunior with a print on demand system.

We are very pleased and proud of the first publication of Splash Magz, which is a realization of the ideas of fellow photographers and researchers around the world who try to present a simple scientific research concept magazine presentation that is beautifully decorated with illustrated photos in each article. Splash Magz was born to popularize scientific research but can be enjoyed by all people with popular languages but does not leave scientific studies. We chose simple methods and simple research related to issues and people’s daily lives.

Editorial List

Editor In Chief: Dr Eny Lestari Widarni
Copy editor : Dr Budi Sasongko, Dr Sebastiana Viphindrartin
Reviewer :
Dr Regina Niken Wilantari
Dr Bambang Hadi Prabowo
Dr Sri Harnani
Dr Eddy Priyanto
Dr Ema Sulisnaningrum
Dr Diah Rusmingsih
Proofreaders : Suryaning Bawono.S.E.M.si
Publication and Distribution : Adriana Assyami
Cover Design : Alejandro Gonjalo
Translator : Lilik Sumarsih, Dian Sutejo, Alejandro Gonjalo

Get in Touch With Us

Email : hello@splashmagz.com